Athletes with a visual impairment


There are 6 classes for athletes with visual impairments (3 track classes, 3 field classes, 2 jumping classes). Some athletes in this category (ex: T/F 11) may have total blindness and therefore require the use of a guide. Other athletes with visual impairments (ex: T/F 13) have enough vision to compete unguided. Training for athletes in this category mirror that of their able bodied counterparts.

For athletes with congenital visual impairments, there may be diminished kinesthetic awareness and difficulty conceptualizing movements. Clear coaching is vital to ensure concepts are effectively communicated to the athletes. Many athletes in these classes compete alongside a guide who provides them with cues/feedback. On the track, the athlete and their guide run side by each, linked by a tether. For field events, guides help to familiarize the athlete with the space (ex: long jump pit, throwing circle) and again, give them cues to help execute their desired performance.

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