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Alternate Commissioner - Athletics Canada Commissioner’s Office

Position: Alternate Commissioner

Reports to: The Commissioner’s Office is an independent tribunal under the authority of the Athletics Canada Board of Directors

Term: October 2018 to October 2020, renewable

The Commissioner’s Office of Athletics Canada has been in place since 2015, acting as an independent decision-maker in four areas affecting athletes – carding, selection, eligibility and discipline. In addition, the Commissioner’s Office hears complaints pursuant to the Athletics Canada Code of Conduct and Ethics. Frank Fowlie is the Acting Commissioner.

Athletics Canada seeks an Alternate Commissioner to serve a two-year renewable term from October 2018 through October 2020.

The Alternate Commissioner will participate fully in the discussion and deliberations regarding the Commissioner’s Office. The Alternate may be asked to support or replace the Acting Commissioner when there is a complex case, a conflict of interest exists, her/his primary language is better suited to the case, multiple cases are under review at the same time, or if the Acting Commissioner is unavailable.

About the Commissioner’s Office

The Athletics Canada Commissioner’s Office was established to make informed decisions in four operating areas – carding, selection, eligibility and discipline. Athletics Canada’s Board of Directors vests the Commissioner’s Office to be the autonomous authority in these areas and to resolve disputes efficiently, effectively and fairly.

Athletics Canada’s Board of Directors hires individuals to fill the Commissioner’s Office and reviews the progress of the Commissioner’s Office at the end of every two-year term. The Board cedes complete and autonomous decision-making authority to the Commissioner’s Office during the length of the term; the Commissioner’s Office does not report to the Board or to Athletics Canada staff.

The Commissioner’s Office consists of two individuals who are employed by Athletics Canada. Each individual shall agree to enter into a contract agreement with Athletics Canada that contains the following items:

  • Salary (e.g.: pay-per-case, pay-per-hour or annual)
  • Termination conditions
  • Confidentiality
  • Other terms common to employment (contractor) agreements

Between the two individuals occupying the Commissioner’s Office, one individual will be the Acting Commissioner and the other the Alternate Commissioner. Generally, the same individual will always be the Acting Commissioner (which is reflected in that individual’s agreement), but this individual should rely on the Alternate in instances of:

  • Complex cases (wherein the two individuals occupying the Commissioner’s Office should discuss the case)
  • Conflicts of interest (wherein the Acting Commissioner should defer the Acting Commissioner title to the other, non-conflicted individual)
  • Language (wherein at least one of the individuals should be fluent in French and a case to be discussed in French should be handled by the French-speaking individual)
  • Multiple ongoing cases (wherein each individual would be the Acting Commissioner for a respective case)
  • Unavailability (wherein the Alternate Commissioner would be the Acting Commissioner)

Athletics Canada’s Board of Directors will consider the following qualifications and skills when hiring individuals for the Commissioner’s Office:

  • Language fluency
  • Dispute resolution experience
  • Sport dispute experience
  • Limited connection to Athletics Canada and/or athletics athletes
  • Time management, organization and communication clarity
  • Decision-making confidence

Individuals are appointed to the Commissioner’s Office for a two-year term that may be renewed in accordance with the individual’s employment (contractor) agreement.

The Commissioner’s Office is responsible for hearing the following:

  • Athlete appeals of carding decisions
  • Athlete appeals of selection decisions
  • Athlete appeals of eligibility decisions
  • Complaints of violations of Athletics Canada’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

Application deadline: Sept. 30, 2018

Applications may be addressed to: Sylvie King at Sylvie.King@athletics.ca

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