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Please refer to the below for the composition of Athletics Canada committees. 

To see the types of committees, committee guidelines, mandates and committee duties please refer to Section II of Athletics Canada’s Rules and Bylaws.

Athlete's Council


Sean Holman – Chair 

Rob Guy

Larry Harper

Robert Demers

Helen Manning 

Inaki Gomez 

Sylvie King 

Bill MacMackin (ex-officio)

Governance and Nominating

Ann Peel – Chair 

Grant Mitchell

Rob Guy

Inaki Gomez 

Kevin Laurie 

Bill MacMackin (ex-officio)

Judy McCallum (ex-officio)

Human Resources


Tim Berrett – Chair 

Alice Kubek

Evelyn Nesdole 

Enrico Toscano 

Dave Thomas

Lanni Marchant

Bill MacMackin (ex-officio)

Judy McCallum (ex-officio)


Mathieu Gentès – Chair

Paul Gains

Roman Olzewski

Doug Clement

Hugh Conlin

Alice Kubeck

Marcus Bill

Evan Dunfee

Taryn Suttie 

Amanda Nigh (ex-officio)


Helen Manning – Chair 

Jillian Drouin

Anitra Stevens

Andy Walker 

Mathieu Gentès


Andrew Walker – Chair 

Colin Inglis

Lloyd Howey

Helen Valasic

David Weicker

Jane Edstrom 

Gilles Rochette

Angela Whyte

Rob Guy (ex-officio)

John Lofranco (ex-officio)

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