#MTLGP18 Q&A with sub-four miler Corey Bellemore

AC - Looking back at 2017, how do you evaluate the season and your accomplishments?

CB - The 2017 season was a great learning year. I struggled quite a bit during indoors trying to find out what amount of mileage was right for me and also dealt with some winter sickness. Things started to come together at USports and it was a nice way to end my university career by attempting to race the 600-metres, 1000-metres, 1500-metres and 4x800-metres. It ended up going fairly well as I was able to medal in three of those events.

The summer season started off with a fit of adversity. I trained for over a month and a half, basically as a triathlete with very minimal running due to nerve pain in my foot. I swam often with multiple time Ironman champion Lionel Sanders and did a lot of biking on my own. When I was ready to run again towards the end of May, it felt like I never really missed a beat due to being fit from the cross training. Representing Canada at the Francophone Games and FISU was a great privilege and I gained a lot of knowledge from the international racing, but also on what to do and not do in order to race your best. 

AC - How did you recharge after the outdoor track season?

CB - Once the 2017 season was over, I enjoyed a lot of time with my friends and family. Sitting by the pool, listening to music and enjoying the sun was what I found myself doing most days during the two-week period of active recovery. I was able to get out on my road bike and go for a few long rides along the water, which is something I find really frees my mind. 

AC - You’ve been dropping some serious time this indoor season. What do you attribute this improvement to?

CB - The biggest things that have helped my improvement this indoor season is my volume, consistency and quality. I’ve learned to love the strength work and have been putting in quality hours cross training (swimming and biking) to supplement my aerobic capacity. I truly think one of the biggest things that help you improve in this sport is to enjoy every moment, but not take things too seriously. It will keep you driven and balanced if you remember that. 

AC - What is your current training set up?

CB – I’m continuing to train out of Windsor, Ont., where I train at the University of Windsor track with Dennis Fairall. During the cross country season, I’m co-coached by Dennis and Gary Malloy, and train with the Lancers two times a week. During the track season, I mostly work out alone, but I will occasionally run with the university guys if our schedules or workouts match up.   

AC - What memories do you have of competing in Montreal?

CB - I have been to Montreal a few times in my life and love the European feel of the city. My most memorable memory would be touring around there with Jamie Adjetey-Nelson, Kevin DiNardo and Gary Malloy when I was 18 after winning Junior Nationals in the 800-metres in close-by, St. Therese, Que. This time around, I’m looking forward to a fun race, seeing some familiar faces and watching some very high caliber athletes compete. 

You can follow Corey at:
Twitter - @coreybellemore
Instagram - @coreybellemore

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