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Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Athletes currently taking medications that appear on the list of banned substances as published in the Drug Classification Handbook must complete and return a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form to both Athletics Canada and CCES.  Through this process you may be granted permission by the CCES to use this WADA prohibited substance or method during and out of competition.


Where do I apply for a TUE?              

All Canadian athletes must contact the CCES for a TUE.  All athletics athletes who compete at an international level must also submit a TUE application to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) or the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).  


When do I apply for a TUE?               
As soon as a prohibited medication is recommended to you by your physician, an application should be made.  During the competitive season, an application must be submitted and approved at least 21 days prior to participating in an event (domestic or international).


Click Here for the CCES Medical Exemption Wizard


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