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Canadian Athletics Performance Pathway (CAPP)

*The CAPP program replaces the old Enhanced Funding and NextGen programs and combines them into a single “pathway”*


Interim Program – April 1st 2018 to September 30th 2018

Athletics Canada (AC) runs a high performance program whose purpose is: To systematically guide and support Canadian athletes along a sustainable pathway to Olympic and Paralympic medals.

A key part of the program is to identify and support named athletes who have the potential to contribute directly to our Olympic & Paralympic success. These athletes will be supported through Athletics Canada’s Canadian Athlete Performance Pathway (CAPP) program.

CAPP will supersede the current Enhanced Funding programs and the NextGen programs and combine them into a single program. The current Enhanced Funding programs run to March 31, 2018 and the current NextGen programs run to September 30, 2018. To align the dates of all of these programs AC will select athletes for an “Interim CAPP program” which will run from April 1 to September 30, 2018.


CAPP Selection Policy 2018-2019

CAPP 2018-2019 Standards and Frequently Asked Questions

Interim Selection Policy 

Interim CAPP Eligibility 

Interim CAPP Program List 

Interim CAPP Program – Welcome Letter 

NextGen Program


Athletics Canada’s (AC) High Performance Development Program’s goal is to maintain a National Sport Organization (NSO) led, systematic, high performance development program throughout the country which identifies and assists in the development of athletes who portray performance results trending towards potential top 8 performances at World Championships and Olympic/Paralympic Games.  Aligned with the AC’s high performance strategies, our program provides opportunities for athletes and their coaches as they continue to develop their athletic aspirations to world success.




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