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  • Membership in the Hall of Fame is open to athletes/teams, coaches and builders (officials, administrators, and volunteers) who have shown outstanding excellence in the sport of Athletics

  • Nominees must have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the sport, including their dedication to the highest ideals of competition

  • Athlete nominees must have achieved significant success in international competition and be retired from international competition for a minimum of three years. Athletes may be nominated as individuals or as members of a relay team.

  • Coach nominees must have achieved significant success in international or national competition over a sustained period.

  • Builder nominees may be active or inactive at the time of their nomination. Persons nominated as builders must have demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution to the development of the sport over a sustained period.

  • Nominees must have held Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency over the course of their careers.

  • Deceased athletes, coaches and builders are eligible for consideration for the “In Memoriam” category.


  • Nominations will be sought on an annual basis

  • A Club, Branch or individual may submit nominations in each of the athlete/ team, coach, and builder categories.

  • Nominees will be considered for induction in the year nominated, and, if requested by the nominator, for up to two successive years thereafter.

  • In the event that a nominee is not selected for induction within the three‐year period, the nomination will be declared inactive and may only be resubmitted after a period of four years has elapsed.

  • A maximum of three pages of supporting documentation may accompany each nomination.


  • A Hall of Fame Selection Committee, appointed by Athletics Canada, will evaluate nominees on the basis of the significance and scope of their achievements, their dedication to their sport, the consistency of their performance, and personal qualities that reflect the values of Athletics Canada on and off the field.

  • A maximum of five Athlete nominees, three “In Memoriam” nominees, one Coach nominee and one Builder nominee will be selected annually for induction into the Hall of Fame.

  • The Selection Committee, after review of the submitted nominations, may solicit additional nominations and support if they feel that one of the following situations exists:

    1. There are no nominations for a particular category

    2. None of the nominations meet the general guidelines

    3. Special circumstances exist whereby a particular person should be given consideration, even if not nominated.


Dylan Armstrong (2018)
Donovan Bailey (2011)
Tim Berrett (2016)
Mark Boswell (2013)
Debbie Brill (2011)
Tyler Christopher (2016)
Charmaine Crooks (2012)
Bill Crothers (2011)
Jerome Drayton (2013)
Graeme Vincent Fell (2014)
Perdita Felicien (2016)
Glenroy Gilbert (2017)
Marcel Jobin (2014)
Diane Jones-Konihowski (2013)
Greg Joy (2011)
Lynn Kanuka (2014)
Bruce Kidd (2014)
Molly Killingbeck (2015)
Guillaume LeBlanc (2012)
Atlee Mahorn (2015)
Mark McCoy (2011)
Milt Ottey (2012)
Ann Peel (2018)
Chantal Petitclerc (2013)
Michael Smith (2013)
Kevin Sullivan (2015)
Dave Steen (2012)
Bruny Surin (2012)
Gary Reed (2016)
Jillian Richardson-Briscoe (2017)
Jason Tunks (2014)
Thelma Wright (2017)


Bob Adams (2012)
Judy Armstrong (2017)
Doug & Diane Clement (2011)
Danny Daniels (2015)
Ian Fowler (2013)
David Lyon (2018)
Andy McInnis (2017)
Ken Porter Sr (2014)
John Stanton (2016)
LeRoy Washburn (2014)


Earl Church (2013)
John Fitzgerald (2018)
Andy Higgins (2015)
Gerard Mach (2011)
Peter Manning (2017)
Paul Poce (2014)
Lyle Sanderson (2012)


Ethel Catherwood (2011)
Myrtle Cook (2012)
Phil Edwards (2013)
Fred Foote (2012)
Harry Jerome (2012)
John Loaring (2014)
Harold Nicholson (2014)
Lloyd Percival (2013)
Father John Redmond (2014)
Eugene Reimer (2013)
André Viger (2011)
Percy Williams (2011) 

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