Coach Certification

Certification takes place following training, and all evaluations are done through the AC Coaching Portal (link on the side of this page). 

Coaches must go through the evaluation process for the context in which they are coaching. The evaluation must include the entire evaluation process for the context in which the coach is being certified (including online multi-sport evaluations). The next few links will provide a general understanding of how to access the sport. Coaches can go directly to evaluation if their experience or situation allows it, with the authorization of the provincial branch and Athletics Canada.

The NCCP is a competency-based program based on coaching abilities, meaning the NCCP is a program that certifies coaches based on proven abilities to “DO” certain things deemed important to meet the needs of the participants they coach. The NCCP is competency based, and as a result, certification is based upon what a coach is able to demonstrate, not the training they may or may not have undergone.

This is a coach’s Step By Step guide on how to access and complete an evaluation.  

Evaluating Coaches in NCCP

Evaluating coaches in the NCCP evaluation process involves:

* Each observation includes a pre-brief between the coach candidate and evaluator to review evaluation requirements and set expectations, as well as a debrief of the observation.

Athletics Canada Coaching Pathway

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Participant Development Model

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