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Cost: Free for Athletics Canada members, 35$ for non-members

Length: Approximately 60 minutes

Professional Development Point: 1 point per Webinar*

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 The webinars are free for Athletics Canada members and there is a 35$ fee per webinar for non-members.

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Past Webinars:

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New 2016-17 IPC Rules and Regulations with David Weicker

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IMG_20160407_123949New 2016-17 IAAF Competition Rules Book with David Weicker and Jane Edstrom

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Injury prevention and injury management with Ron O`Hare

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 a24eb764-5de8-43d2-9977-6229104e2f92Nutrition myths and controversies: Practical Tips for Coaches with Jennifer Sygo

Overview:  Diet and nutrition information is widely available on the internet and through popular media, but does that mean it is accurate or even appropriate for high performance athletes?  Increasingly, diets such as the Paleo diet (aka hunter-gatherer or caveman diet), as well as dairy-free and gluten-free diets are being promoted to athletes to support weight control and improve performance.  What is the basis of these diets, and is there any evidence for their benefit for athletes?  This presentation will consider these questions, and provide strategies for coaches to use when working with athletes who may be following these, or similar, diets. 

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 Monitoring Athlete Health and Peformance with Dr. Trent Stellingwerff

This webinar will cover:

Monitoring and measuring validated metrics around an athletes health and performance helps to give the coach, and IST staff, increased information for informed decision making.  Without making measurements, or understanding progress, the coach and athlete will be at a loss to explain successes or failures.   However, metrics must be validated or one has the risk of false positives or false negatives.  This presentation will look at some common and easy health and performance metrics a coach might consider monitoring in track and field athletes, what and how a metric is validated and how to incorporate the information into a YTP Watch Now


 Para-Athletics Development with Kayla Cornale & Adam Janssen

This webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to Para-Athletics;
  • Classification (outlining the various disability groups of para-athletics);
  • Integration in the canadian school system, athlete pathway development and coach pathway development.  

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a24eb764-5de8-43d2-9977-6229104e2f92 Fueling for Sport:  Nutrition Tips and Strategies for Success in Athletics with Jennifer Sygo

This session will focus on:

  • Key nutrition issues for athletics, including meal and snack timing for athletes balancing school, travel, and training
  • Priority nutrients that are of concern for athletics, including recommendations for appropriate screening and supplementation
  • Fueling for practice and competition, as well as recovery  

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 Making sens of classification with Lorette Dupuis

Classification, a component of working with Athletes with a disability, will be presented.   This element to working with Athletes with a disability is essential knowledge for a coach as it guides with who and how the athlete will compete.   This webinar will cover the basics of classification and the elements you need to understand as a coach to help your athlete develop and prepare for competition.   A quick review of the basic classification groups will also be discussed.  

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Webinar or Training for Power in Sprinters with Dale Lablans

Fundamental concepts of power development will be explored including;
– What is power?
– Defining types of power production in sprinting
– Prerequisites prior implementing a power centric program
– Plyometric Considerations
– The torso’s role in power development
– Practical Weight Room Applications Watch Now


Webinar on Sport Psychology with Dr. Penny Werthner

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CAC E-learning

CAC e-Learning Module URLs


Module Name


Coaching Athletes With a Disability


Entraîner des athlètes ayant un handicap


Coach Initiation in Sport


Initiation à l’entraînement sportif


Developing Athletic Abilities Pre-Workshop Session


Développement des qualités athlétiques –

Séance en ligne préalable à l’atelier


Leading Drug-Free Sport Online Evaluation


Évaluation en ligne pour Diriger un sport sans dopage


Make Ethical Decisions Evaluation Landing Page


MED Evaluation – Active For Life


Évaluation PDE – Vie active

MED Evaluation – Train to Win


Évaluation PDE – S’entraîner à gagner

MED Evaluation – Train to Compete


Évaluation PDE – S’entraîner à compétitionner


MED Evaluation – Train to Train


Évaluation PDE – S’entraîner à s’entraîner


MED Evaluation – Learn to Train


Évaluation PDE – Apprendre à s’entraîner

MED Evaluation – FUNdamentals E

Évaluation PDE – S’amuser grâce au sport

MED Evaluation – Active Start


Évaluation PDE – Enfant actif

Making Head Way Landing Page

Making Head Way in Freestyle Ski


Prendre une tête d’avance en ski acrobatique F


Making Head Way in Sport SP-E

Prendre une tête d’avance en sport


Making Headway in Soccer SC-E

Prendre une tête d’avance au soccer


Making Head Way in Snowboard SB-E

Prendre une tête d’avance au snowboard


Making Head Way in Speed Skating SS-E

Prendre une tête d’avance en patinage de



Making Head Way in Football FB-E

Prendre une tête d’avance au football


Managing Conflict Online Evaluation

Évaluation en ligne pour Gestion des conflits


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