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Canadian Track & Field Championships

July 03, 2018 to July 08, 2018
Ottawa, Ontario


The 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships will unfold as follows:

The annual event will see Olympic and Paralympic medallists showcase their talents, and the next generation aspiring to follow in their footsteps. The 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships will also serve as a selection trials for the 2018 NACAC Championships (Toronto 2018: Track & Field in the 6ix) that will take place in the heart of downtown Toronto from Aug. 10-12.

Ticket information

Tickets are on sale now for the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships and start as low as $20 per day, while admission is FREE for children 12 years of age and under.

Join us free of charge July 3-4 to take in combined events and para-athletics.

Click here to view our FAQs regarding our ticket policy, what you can and cannot bring to the event and more.

Ticket buying guide now available.

Championships VIP Passes

You asked… we delivered! Championships VIP Passes are NOW AVAILABLE for the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships.

The Championships VIP Pass gives you the ultimate Championships experience. By purchasing a VIP Pass you will receive admission to the event July 5-8 and access to the VIP tent, which will serve complementary food and beverages, courtesy of The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Thursday through Sunday. Guests will have in-and-out privileges throughout the Championships, receive a keepsake event pass and lanyard and the opportunity to interact with alumni and special guests.

Commemorative Passes

Join our volunteer team

Are you 16 or older and looking for an exciting and rewarding way to be involved in Canada’s premier track and field event?

Sign-up to become a volunteer and gain valuable skills and experience, engage with other track and field enthusiasts and develop great friendships and memories for years to come.

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Future Olympian Challenge


Be a part of the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships!

Run, Jump and Throw in the same event as Canadian Olympians, Andre De Grasse, Alysha Newman, Damian Warner, Sekou Kaba, Sultana Frizell, Farah Jacques and many, many more.

On Saturday, July 7, the Ottawa Lions and Athletics Canada are hosting the Future Olympian Challenge at Terry Fox Athletic Facility from 2:15-4 p.m. This event allows kids ages 6-12 to show off their developing skills in a variety of track and field events in a fun multi-event challenge.

Registration is on a first-come first-served basis up to a cap off 130 participants. Please arrive no later than 2:15 p.m. so the kids can be on the track for a full 90 minutes.

Complimentary t-shirts will be provided to all participants.

Children 12 and under not only receive free entry to the Canadian Track & Field Championships on Saturday, BUT ALSO THE ENTIRE six days of the Championships!


Registration is now open for athletes and coaches. All entries and confirmation are the responsibility of the athlete (including carded athletes). Entries are not finalized until payment is received. Clubs are permitted to submit entries on behalf of their athletes and must be complete for each event. The deadline to enter is Monday, June 25 (4 p.m. ET). NO athlete entries will be accepted after this date; no exceptions. Coaches may enter after this date with a late fee of $50. All entries are non-refundable.


  • Coaches must be registered AC members and provide a valid NCCP # to receive accreditation. Non-Canadian coaches need to contact Andrew Cameron ( to register. Non-Canadian coaches must be registered with their respective national governing body.
  • Guides must be registered as a guide attached to a specific athlete. No entry fee is required for a guide.
  • Assistants for the seated throws (Classes F31-33 and F51-54) must be registered as an assistant attached to a specific athlete(s). No entry fee is required for an assistant.
  • Qualifying performances must appear in Athletics Canada’s online rankings. The qualifying period is May 1, 2017, to June 27, 2018. If entry performances cannot be found, the entry may be refused.

AC Rule 86e:
Athletes may compete a maximum of one age category up at Athletics Canada national championships. For example, youth aged athletes (U18) may move up and compete in national junior championships (U20), while junior aged athletes may move up and compete in an Open national championships.

Entry fees and deadline:
Please note, Visa and MasterCard are the only acceptable methods for payment.

Entries and fees:

First event

Second event

Additional events



Due: June 25*






($50 for late entries)

* Must be entered online and payment completed by 4 p.m. ET

Confirmation of entry:
The entries can be accessed here.

Entry rules and eligibility

Athlete eligibility
For rules relating to eligibility to compete in a national championships and/or trials, please refer to Athletics Canada’s Rules and Bylaws (Page 18, Rule 86).

Note: Foreign athletes wishing to compete must submit an application for entry by Friday, June 1, and will be notified no later than Friday, June 8, whether their application has been approved. Approval is at the discretion of the Competition Director.

Entry qualification process
All members in good standing are eligible to compete in Ottawa. Athletes who have made standard within the qualifying period will automatically advance to the championship portion of the meet (semi-finals for track events and finals for field events). Athletes without standard will compete in the qualification round in order to advance to the championship. There will be at least one spot available per event for athletes to advance from the qualifiers into the championship.

There are no entry standards for para-athletes. Competition is open to all members provided they are classified at the time of entry. Wherever possible, classes will be combined to create the most competitive environment for athletes.

The following athletes will be required to attend classification prior to competing:

  • Para-athletes attending the Canadian Championships for the first time and DO NOT have an international classification.
  • Para-athletes who have a national review status classification.

Classification will take place on Tuesday, July 3, at Terry Fox Athletic Facility. The classification schedule will be posted as soon as possible after the entry deadline closes.

Athletes undergoing classification are required to:

  • Appear at the classification room at their allotted time, warmed-up and ready to undertake typical movements for their event.
  • Bring all of their sport equipment (gloves, strapping, throwing frames, racing chairs, etc.) to classification for proper assessment.
  • Have one person accompany them at the time of classification.

Classification results will be posted (15-30 minutes) following observation assessments, which occur after their first event appearance.

Eligibility of entry performances
Athlete performances will be pulled directly from the Athletics Canada ranking system. Only performances listed in the Athletics Canada ranking system will be eligible for entry standard into the Championships. If you have any questions regarding the ranking system, please contact

Entry standards

The entry standards can be found below. Those without standard (Olympic stream) will need to advance through the qualifier portion of the Championships or may be placed in the slower section in timed finals.

There are no standards for para-athletic events; however, all competitors must be classified at the time of entry or will go through the classification process on July 3, if this is their first time attending the Canadian Championships.

Performances must be achieved outdoors between May 1, 2017, and June 27, 2018.

Any AC registered athlete without standard can register. Athletes without standard are placed in the qualification round and need to earn advancement to the championship round. In events where there is no qualifying round, but may require multiple sections based on entry numbers, only those who achieve these standards are guaranteed to be in the fast section.






















(4:38 / 1500m)




(10:10.00 / 3000m)



(8:35.00 / 3000m)

No standard

Race walk

No standard






15.30 (0.991m)


(45.00 / 300mH)



(40.00 / 300mH)


(7:25.00 / 2000mSC)

3000m steeplechase


(6:20.00 / 2000mSC)


High jump



Pole vault



Long jump



Triple jump


12.00 (4 kg)

Shot put

14.50 (6 kg)

47.00 (4 kg)

Hammer throw

48.00 (6 kg)

41.00 (1 kg)

Discus throw

43.00 (1.75 kg)

39.00 (600 g)

Javelin throw

52.00 (800 g)
























No standard

Race walk

No standard











3000m steeplechase



High jump



Pole vault



Long jump



Triple jump



Shot put



Hammer throw



Discus throw



Javelin throw



All qualification results for entry into the Championships are checked and verified. Any false claims could result in disciplinary actions and/or non‑participation in the meet. The achievement of all performances must appear on the official Athletics Canada outdoor performance ranking lists. These results must be achieved at competitions listed on the Athletics Canada or IAAF Member Federation fixtures lists in conformity with IAAF/Athletics Canada rules. Wind readings and implement certification must always be recorded on results to guarantee their validity.

Technical notes

  • There will be no technical meeting. All information will be available online.
  • All questions concerning the conduct of the competition or questions arising from the information posted online must be submitted to Nicole Clarke ( by Monday, July 2, at 12 p.m. ET.
  • Scratches must be submitted via email to Nicole Clarke ( by Monday, July 2, at 12 p.m. If an athlete does not scratch and does not present themselves to their event, they will be disqualified from the remainder of the Championships (unless medical documentation is provided).
  • Implements will be made available by the organizing committee. Personal implements will also be allowed, provided they are checked-in three hours prior to the event, pass inspection and are made available to all other competitors until the end of the competition.
  • Each athlete will receive two bibs; one with their name and one with a number. All athletes must wear the name bib on their chest, and the number bib on their back, except in jumping events where only the name bib may be worn either on the chest or back. For seated throws, there will also be an additional number provided to be placed on the throwing chair. Bib numbers will be distributed during the registration process. Hip numbers will be provided in the Call Room.
  • The Technical Information Centre (TIC) will be located at Terry Fox Athletic Facility and will serve as the link between the organizing committee and athletes/coaches.
    • Athletes and coaches will pick up their registration package at Terry Fox Athletic Facility.
    • Questions that arise throughout the Championships will be answered at the TIC.
    • All protests must be filed at the TIC.
    • Results and start lists will be available online in an effort to minimize paper. A hard copy of the results will be posted in the TIC. Additional paper copies will be made available at the TIC if necessary.
  • Official results will be available on the Championships website.
  • In the event of weather related concerns, the decision to suspend competition will be at the discretion of the Championships executive team, made up of the Meet Director, Competition Director and Technical Delegate.
  • Doping control procedures will be in place according to AC/CCES policies.

Competition procedures

There is a soccer field north of the competition track for athletes that will serve as the warm-up area. In addition, three lanes of Mondo track surface will be controlled for warm-up. Athletes will also have access to equipment in this area (blocks, hurdles, etc.). Para-athletes and athletes in field events will warm-up on the field of play. Only accredited coaches will be allowed in the warm-up area.

Call Room
All athletes must present themselves to the first call room according to the scheduled check-in times as noted below. Athletes who fail to appear on time in the call room without a valid reason (i.e. medical certificate) may be excluded from participating in this and all further events in the Championships, including relays. Coaches are not allowed to enter the Call Room.

Athletes’ Call Room reporting times will be according to the following schedule. All times are prior to the scheduled start time of the event (and not the heat number):



Call Room opens (minutes)

Call Room closes (minutes)

Entry to stadium

Track events




High jump




Pole vault




Other field events









Call Room officials will check the following in accordance with AC rules:

  • Bib numbers
  • Shoes and spikes
  • Uniforms
    • Note: In accordance with National Team policies, athletes are not permitted to wear Team Canada uniforms during the Championships. Club/branch or sponsor uniforms only.
  • In the interest of time, we recommend open or cinch bags or bags with limited pockets/zippers. Bags will be inspected to ensure that they do not contain any of the prohibited items listed below.

Items that will NOT be permitted beyond the Call Room:

  • Electronic devices
    • Cell phones, video/audio players, cameras, radio transmitters, etc.
  • Medications (unless accompanied by a doctor’s note and TUE)

Spike length
The maximum spike length allowed on the track and in the field is 7mm. The only exceptions are for high jump and javelin, where the maximum length is 9mm.

Protests and appeals
Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event must be made within 30 minutes of the official posting of the results at the TIC in accordance with the procedures listed below.

  • A notice of protest must be presented at the TIC within 30 minutes of the time of the posted results. There will be someone at the TIC at all times who can locate the Competition Director.
  • The Competition Director, or designate, will explain the process to the athlete, coach or interested person and provide a protest form.
  • The Competition Director, or designate, takes the athlete/coach/interested person to meet with the appropriate referee (the one who made the decision).
  • If the referee agrees with the protest the results sheet will be adjusted and results reposted.
    • Note: This provides a 30-minute opportunity for other athletes or interested persons to appeal this decision from the time of posting of the revised result.
  • If the referee denies the protest, the athlete/coach/interested person can appeal the decision to the Jury by completing a protest form, which will be taken to the Jury.
  • Upon completion of a protest form, the Competition Director, or designate, will make a copy of the completed protest form and will take one copy to the Jury who will then adjudicate upon the issue by reviewing any and all available relevant information.
    • Note: The Competition Director, or designate, accompanies the protest group and advises them of this option and accepts the completed form and protest fee of $50.
  • The Jury will then prepare their response, including all relevant information, on the protest form and the Competition Director, or designate, will advise both the protest group and Meet Secretary or Results Manager of the results of the protest.
  • The Jury of Appeal will remain at the competition site for at least 30 minutes after completion of the final event or until the Technical Director or designate advises them that no further protests have been received and they may leave.

Combined Events - Technical manual

The technical manual for the Canadian Combined Events Championships, in addition to the Pan American Combined Events Cup and Open Festival Combined Events Invitational, is available in three languages – English, French and Spanish.

Please click on the appropriate link below to access the technical manual in the language of your choice.

Medical services

A medical team will provide the necessary healthcare for the participants and spectators at the Canadian Championships. The organizing committee is responsible for providing medical services and facilities for the Championships. Health care and sports medicine services will be provided.

Medical services will include the following:

  • Track side medical personnel throughout the event.
  • A medical area where medical personnel/services will be available.
  • An area for Athletics Canada’s Integrated Support Team (access will be restricted to carded athletes).
  • Area for accredited team therapists to work with their athletes.

A limited number of spots will be available in one of the medical areas for athletes who wish to bring their own medical staff. If you would like to apply for one of these spaces, please contact Nicole Clarke ( by June 15. Medical and massage accreditations will not be available onsite.

Arrival in Ottawa

The Ottawa International Airport (YOW) is located 15 kilometres from downtown (approximately 20 minutes) and about 10 minutes from Terry Fox Athletic Facility. YOW is served by Air Canada, Porter, WestJet, Delta, United Airlines and more.

The Ottawa Train Station is located five kilometres from downtown (approximately 10 minutes) and about 15 minutes from Terry Fox Athletic Facility.

Car rentals
Special rates are available from National Car Rental and Enterprise. To make a reservation, click on one of the following links:

Transportation of sport equipment
Athletes/clubs are responsible for transporting their own equipment (i.e. poles, wheelchairs, etc.). Below is some basic information regarding the transportation of said equipment:

  • Travel with your equipment on your air carrier and transport it to Terry Fox Athletic Facility on your own where it will be stored in a safe, secure and dry storage space.
  • Ship your equipment directly to Ottawa using the following address:

Terry Fox Athletic Facility
Mooney’s Bay Park
2960 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON K1V 8N4

If you require a solution for the shipment of your equipment, please contact Joerg Hess at:

BMCI Ltd. Global Sports Logistics
P.O. Box 633 Mt. Forest, ON N0G 2L0
(T) 519.323.4028 (F) 519.323.2820 (C) 519.261.0546

WestJet offer


WestJet is offering athletes, coaches, family and friends 10% off Econo and 15% off Plus base fares for travel between Ottawa and anywhere WestJet flies in North America. To take advantage of this offer, you will need the coupon/promo code listed below. If you have questions about how to complete a booking with the coupon/promo code, please check out WestJet’s frequently asked questions.

Travel from: June 26, 2018, to July 15, 2018

Coupon code: ZO1SNWV

Promo code (for call-in reference only): YOW02

National Team selection

Before competing in the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships, please make sure you complete the 2018 National Team Declaration Form to become eligible for selection to a national team event, such as the 2018 NACAC Championships in Toronto.

Representatives from Athletic Canada’s National Team unit will be on-site in Ottawa and available to answer any questions you may have pertaining to team selection and criteria.

Criteria2018 NACAC Championships


The Championships will take place at Terry Fox Athletic Facility:

  • Eight lane Mondo Super X track surface
  • One bi-directional horizontal jumps runways and one east-only horizontal jumps runway – located outside the back straight
  • Dedicated high jump and pole vault areas – two pits each
  • Two shot put circles and two javelin throw runways
  • Two discus/hammer throw circles and cages – outside the main stadium
  • Two discus circles and cages – inside the stadium
  • Steeplechase – outside water jump
  • Spike lengths – 7mm (no needle spikes)
    • 9mm for high jump and javelin throw
  • Warm-up area
    • Soccer field and a three-lane 90-metre straightaway (Mondo)


Shuttle service

There will be a regular shuttle between the official meet hotel – Delta Ottawa City Centre – in addition to the Residence & Conference Centre – Ottawa West (Algonquin College) for those competing in Combined Events, and Terry Fox Athletic Facility during the competition. A final schedule will be posted closer to the event.

Please note, a shuttle will not available between the Residence & Conference Centre – Ottawa West and Terry Fox Athletic Facility once the combined events portion of the event has concluded.


Athletics Canada has secured rooms at good rates with our partners for the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships.

Do not wait to book your accommodations, availability may become an issue if you wait until the last minute due to overall demand across the city during the summer months, especially around Canada Day.

When booking by phone, reference the 2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships.

Official Meet Hotel – U20 & Open Championships

Delta Ottawa City Centre
101 Lyon Street
Reservation deadline: May 31
Rate: $159/night

Make a reservation:
Phone: 1-888-236-2427
Book online

Rooms are available from Monday, July 2, through Sunday, July 8.

Accommodations include:

  • Standard guest room
  • Internet and cable television
  • Access to the fitness centre
  • 15% discount on breakfast menu and breakfast buffet
  • Shuttle service to and from Terry Fox Athletic Facility (shuttle schedule to be posted at a later date)

Partner Hotel – Combined Events

Residence & Conference Centre – Ottawa West
1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Reservation deadline: June 1
Rate: $107/night

Make a reservation:
Promo code: 627380
Phone: 1-613-727-7698
Book online

Rooms are available from Sunday, July 1, through Wednesday, July 4.

Accommodations include:

  • Two-bedroom suite (two separate bedrooms, with a shared kitchenette and three-piece bathroom)
  • Internet
  • Cable television
  • Local phone calls
  • Shuttle service to and from Terry Fox Athletic Facility from Monday, July 2, to Wednesday, July 4 (shuttle schedule to be posted at a later date)

Media accreditation

Click here to complete the media accreditation form.

Championship Posters


Athletics Canada (technical operations)
Nicole Clarke, Competition Director
(613) 260-5580, ext. 3317

Athletics Canada (entries)
Andrew Cameron
(613) 260-5580, ext. 3320

Athletics Canada (media relations)
Amanda Nigh
(613) 260-5580, ext. 3307

Host Organizing Committee (Meet Director)
Andy McInnis
(613) 852-6783

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