Evaluation and Challenge Process

How To Complete an Evaluation/Challenge for Certification

If you  completed a course through your provincial branch and registered on this site  for the course, please skip to point 4 below.

If you  completed a course through your provincial branch and did not register using  this site, please start at point 2 below by creating an account (this is free).

Please note  that Athletics coaches with a combination of education and Athletics specific  experience can challenge for certification without taking a course.  Sport Coach and Club Coach courses can be  challenged while the Competition Development course cannot.  The Competition Development course must be  completed before a coach can be evaluated in the Competition Development  context.

Athletics  Canada or your branch pays the evaluator for the evaluation once it is  complete.  You are not responsible for  paying the evaluator yourself.

The decision  to go forward with a challenge for certification is at the discretion of the  coach.  If you are interested in going  forward with a challenge please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Review  the evaluation requirements and course description for the course you wish to  challenge in the course description and evaluation  information section  of this website.
  2. If  you feel you already have the knowledge the course is designed to provide and  you feel that are able to meet the requirements of the evaluation, create an  account on the site (this is free).

  3. Once  you have created your account, email coaching@athletics.ca  and indicate which branch (province)  you are from as well as which course(s) you wish to challenge or be evaluated  for.  Your message will be reviewed and  you will be given access to the evaluation area of the site where you can pay  for your evaluation and upload your portfolio. 
  5. To  access the evaluation area of the site you need to login at http://athletics.ca/coach using the account you created.  Once you are in click on status at the top  and then scroll down to the appropriate course and click on begin beside  portfolio.  Once you pay you will be able  to upload your portfolio.  When your portfolio  has been uploaded and submitted an email will go to Athletics Canada and your  branch automatically prompting an evaluator to be assigned. You will receive an  email that will let you know who your evaluator and provide you with their  contact information.
  7. When  your portfolio has been marked and deemed successfully completed you will get  an email prompting you to sign up for the next portion of your evaluation (the  practice observation).  For Club Coach  and Competition Development, when the practice evaluation is successfully  completed you will get an email prompting you to sign up for the competition  observation.  Please note that you only  pay once, when you submit your portfolio.   The fee you pay at that time covers the entire evaluation process.
  9. For  each segment of the evaluation you will receive an email letting you know who  your evaluator is and providing you with their contact information.  For the practice and competition observations  you will be asked to contact the evaluator to arrange a time and location for  the evaluation to take place.
  11. If  you have trouble at any point in the evaluation process you can contact your provincial branch or coaching@athletics.ca