Decisions and updates from Athletics Canada’s 2018 Semi-Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) wrapped up in Vancouver on Dec. 2.

The SAGM included reports from Board Chair Bill MacMackin, Chief Financial Officer Sylvie King, Chief Operating Officer Mathieu Gentès and High Performance Director Simon Nathan.

Updates were also provided from various internal and external committees.

A presentation was made by Jennifer Birch Jones from the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport (CAAWS) on Inclusion in Sport.

The following decisions were made during the course of the SAGM.

  • Recommendation to award the 2019 and 2020 Canadian 10,000m Championships to the Pacific Distance Carnival. Motion Carried.

  • Motion to approve a new position of Para-Athlete Representative to the Athletics Canada Board of Directors. Motion Carried.

  • Motion carried to update the nomenclature of age-categories to a numbered system (U20, U18, U16, etc).

  • A motion was approved to support Abby Hoffman for the 2019 elections of the IAAF.

  • The recommendation of adding a Para race and U16 races to the Canadian Cross Country Championships were tabled for further discussion.

  • Rule #177 was revised to read as follows:

Except for mixed gender relays, performances set in mixed gender track event competitions (held entirely in the stadium) shall not be eligible for Canadian records. Nevertheless, at the sole discretion of the National Team Committee or equivalent, such performances may be considered for national team selections or for funding decisions.

  • The recommended change to Rule #086a, adding section ii), was tabled for further discussion:

    ii) Canadian Citizens may be asked to declare if they are eligible, and intend to represent Canada internationally within the period for which the IAAF will recognize ranking bonus points for these Championships. Only those who are eligible to represent Canada and intending to remain so doing for the period for which the IAAF will recognize ranking points from these Championships will be submitted to the IAAF for National Championships bonus ranking points which are used for IAAF World Rankings purposes.

  • The motion to update Rule #153, changing the Boys U18 Steeplechase height to 0.914m, was defeated (25 Approved / 32 Opposed / 7 Abstained).
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